Felidaeus Stage 2

These cats look a bit plain...


Felidaeus are large cats with skinny tails and short fur. They are actually quite plain, compared to the other creatures on Pawsidia. They are actually the root of every other variant's ancestors, evolving for who knows how long. These Felidae are so old, they're said to be living history.


Long, long ago, when dinosaurs and beasts alike roamed the earth, an undiscovered species resided in underground caves. These cats were the Felidaeus. The earth was full of holes, crevices, and whatnot, but the cats were experts at jumping, climbing, and navigating. One day, the earth hit a giant asteroid, scattering the creatures of the land and water. Thus, all the oceans and rivers began flowing into the caves, causing the Felidaeus to flee in terror. In a fit of panic, they ran right onto the asteroid! But, in time, it came to a stop in a galaxy known as The Great Paw. They began to breed and fill the planets, but planetary gasses, radioactivity, and collisions began to change the Felidaeus. Some, who resided on the planet Cloudiscus grew wings to survive the constant gas activity, and so on. Eventually, each planet had specially adapted wildlife to accompany it. Meanwhile, man had evolved on earth, and rapid succession in reaching other planets and galaxies led to the discovery of Felidaeus.

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